The world’s best multi position ladders

When you shop for multi position ladders, are you looking to find a versatile tool that is also the strongest and safest ladder on the market? That’s what you’ll get with a Little Giant Ladder System.

The model of versatility
Little Giant multi position ladders start as adjustable height A-frames to handle any job you need them for. Each side adjusts independently so you can use your ladder on stairs, uneven ground and flush against walls as needed. The original Little Giant multi position ladders can then convert into sturdy extension ladders or separate to become two trestles to support scaffolding.

The original Little Giant is the most versatile ladder you can buy, but you may be looking for a more heavy duty or specialized tool. Check out what makes these other products unique.

  • Type 1AA – For heavy duty work
  • Ultra Step – A lighter-weight A-frame
  • Little Jumbo – Perfect for small jobs
  • Type 1A Fiberglass – Versatility for electrical safety
  • Ultra Step Fiberglass – A lighter fiberglass A-frame
  • SkyScraper – An A-frame for really high jobs

Little Giant also has several innovative accessories to make your jobs even easier.

No safer ladder
Safety is the #1 concern with all of Little Giant’s multi position ladders. Each of the joints has a locking mechanism you can hear click into place so you know you ladder is set up correctly. The flared ends of Little Giant ladders provide a secure base you will be able to feel and each ladder is tested to at least four times its maximum weight limit.

The last ladder you will buy
Because Little Giant multi position ladders are so versatile, safe and strong you won’t ever feel a need to go ladder shopping again. Each 1A ladder comes with a lifetime warranty. Little Giant’s many devoted customers include SWAT teams, fire fighters, NASA and all branches of the U.S. military. There is even a Little Giant multi position ladder on Air Force One. Join the ranks of those who know the Little Giant difference. Order yours today.