How Many Ladders Do You REALLY Need?

laddersI have a friend that works for a large electrical service company here in Utah.  I picked him up from work the other day so we could go work on a little lighting experiment and as I pulled around the back of the building I saw the most amazing thing.  Ladders.  Lots of ladders.

I noticed that the huge assortment was made up mostly or maybe even entirely out of the same Werner ladder that I have in my garage.  You know, that one that I never use now that I have a better ladder. It’s that redish one at the front of the second row there.

But it got me thinking, they are a big company right?  How many trucks do they have? I’d guess at least 20 or so.  They had enough ladders there for each truck to carry at least 3 or 4. Ok, so you have a 6 footer, maybe an 8 o 10 footer and then a big one for some of the trucks.  There’s still ladders left over.  And I wonder how much time they spend (waste) loading the right ladder each day.  Now what if they just had 1 type A Little Giant for each truck. I bet they could replace 90% of their ladders.  And the other 10 could be replaced by a couple Little Giant Skyscrapers.  You just leave them on the trucks all the time, your workers are safer, you save money and time with the loading and unloading.  Yeah, I don’t get it.

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