Werner Ladders Comparison

If you’re looking for the best convertible ladder you can find, you have a few options. Werner Ladders and Little Giant Ladders are two of them. From a side by side comparison, we believe the Little Giant is the best convertible ladder you can buy. See their website for more information. Read on to see our comparison.

Werner Ladders vs. Little Giant – Safety Where It Counts

Rivets vs. Welds
Rung attachments are a key aspect of safety on any ladder because they are among the most vulnerable points. Werner Ladders use riveted rungs and often site them as a selling point – because they can easily be reattached. But chances are if you’re on a ladder and a rivet breaks, so will you.

Little Giant Ladders use double zigzag welds – considered by some to be overdoing it. But every year people are injured on ladders and on a Little Giant you know you’re safe.

Building Materials
Both Werner Ladders and Little Giant Ladders are made of aluminum, which is known for being both lightweight and strong. The strength of aluminum is determined by which metals it is mixed or alloyed with. Convertible Werner Ladders use an aluminum alloy that is cost saving but not the strongest available. Little Giant Ladders use the same alloy used in aerospace and aircraft construction. You can feel the difference when you climb up.

For a ladder you can be sure will keep you safe, we suggest the Little Giant. Their heavy-duty construction, including the aluminum alloy and welded rungs, are designed with your safety in mind. With a Little Giant, there’s no limit to what you can do. Visit Little Giant Ladder today to find the safest convertible ladder in the world.