Cosco Ladders

Looking into a versatile ladder system? Cosco Ladders are one such system. The original Little Giant Ladder System is another option. To make the best decision for your safety, you need all the facts. With full information, the choice is clear. Although Cosco Ladders may cost less, in our opinion, it’s not worth the risk to your safety. For the safest, strongest, most versatile ladder in the world, turn to Little Giant Ladder System.

Cosco Ladders vs. Little Giant – Hinge Strength
The hinge of any ladder system is its most important feature and often its most vulnerable point. The hinge introduces the most instability and play into the ladder structure, especially in extension mode. While all convertible ladder systems must use locking hinges, differences in hinge construction and strength can make a big difference in the overall quality of the ladder.

Cosco Ladders use a steel ratcheting hinge. This system is inexpensive to build, but outdated for strength. Little Giant Ladders used steel ratcheting hinges until they introduced the superior design of their patented palm-locking hinges, which has allowed them to greatly increase their weight capacity. With a superior and more secure design, Little Giant Ladders’ hinge is the safest product available.

Cosco Ladders vs. Little Giant – Rung Strength
Rung strength is another integral part of a ladder’s safety. The rungs themselves must not only feature solid construction but be securely attached to the sides of the ladder. Your safety, and perhaps your life, depend upon the strength of these rungs when you climb up any ladder.

Weak welds can spell disaster for a ladder user. Cosco Ladders use simple spot welds on their ladders. This technique is sufficient for most common uses. In our opinion, a sturdy ladder calls for something stronger than what would do for a kitchen chair. Little Giant Ladders feature “double zigzag” welds for the strongest connection in the business.

For the safest, strongest, most versatile ladder in the world, rely on Little Giant Ladders. With a Little Giant, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish! Visit Little Giant Ladder today to find your truly safe convertible ladder.