A better step ladder

Safety cannot be compromised when it comes to ladders. The most common cause of ladder accidents in the United States is people leaning step ladders against walls improperly. You’ll never be tempted to do anything like that with a Little Giant.

Which step ladder will work best for you?
Little Giant has a step ladder for whatever size of job you are doing. They are designed to be the safest and most versatile ladders on the planet. One will suit your needs.

The original 1A Little Giant ladder is not only the best step ladder you will find. It easily converts into an extension ladder or a pair of trestles for scaffolding. As a step ladder use it safely over stairs, up against walls and adjust it to whatever height you need.

The Little Giant Ultra Step can do everything the original can as a step ladder and is just as strong, but it is designed to be extra light weight for your convenience.

The Little Jumbo is a small and easy-to-transport step ladder for stocking shelves and use around the house on smaller jobs, but it has many unique safety features including slip resistant steps and a safety bar. It folds up into a 5-inch space.

The SkyScraper is a very tall step ladder designed for use in large rooms with very high ceilings where an extension ladder won’t do. It replaces dangerous scaffolding and expensive lifts. With this ladder you will feel safe at any height.

Little Giant fiberglass ladders are designed to provide extra safety when working around electricity. The original Little Giant and the Ultra Step both come in fiberglass versions.

Legendary safety
Little Giant ladders are known for their safety features as well as their versatility. They are tested well beyond their maximum weight limits so you can be sure of their safety. Their flared legs and strong construction give Little Giants stability you will feel the first and every time you use one. Happy users of Little Giant ladders include firefighters, SWAT teams and every branch of the U.S. armed forces.

Don’t put off getting the safest and most versatile step ladder you will ever use. Visit Little Giant today to find yours.