The best fiberglass ladder and the best value

Little Giant® has proven to make the safest, strongest, most versatile ladders ever built for more than 30 years. Little Giant fiberglass ladders are specialized to give even more safety and versatility where it is needed.

Safety qualities of fiberglass
A Little Giant fiberglass ladder is ideal for electricians or anyone working around electricity on a regular basis. It has the same versatility, strength and safety as the original Little Giant but it is non-conductive for greater safety around live electric lines.

This is in addition to the unmatched safety features Little Giant puts into each of its ladders. Flared ends increase stability and clicking locks let you know the joints are secure. These ladders are overbuilt to ensure you will be safe even after years of use. Knowing you’re secure on your ladder allows you to concentrate on doing your job well.

Two configurations give you just what you need
Look at each Little Giant fiberglass ladder configuration and choose the one that will meet your needs the best

Ultra Step Fiberglass – This one-of-a-kind A-frame fiberglass ladder is built to be lightweight but very strong. Its adjustable length allows you to vary its height, work over stairs and uneven surfaces and get right up against walls.

Type 1A Fiberglass – This fiberglass ladder has the same configuration as the original 1A Little Giant safety rated to hold 300 pounds per rung. It is an adjustable height A-frame with the same capabilities as the Ultra Step, an extension ladder and turns into two separate trestles for scaffolding.

Get what you pay for
Little Giant ladders are the best you will find anywhere. Your Little Giant will do the job of a truckload of other ladders. Little Giants are American-made and will last.

See how a Little Giant fiberglass ladder will help you do the best job you’re capable of. Get to the Little Giant website to order yours today.